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Adult Improver Sessions & Swim Lessons

Whatever stage you are at with your swimming SwimWell is here to make you a better swimmer. Our adult improver sessions and swim lessons are designed around you to achieve your swimming goals.

What can SwimWell help with?

  • Many people avoid swimming due to having a previous bad experience or simply the fear of being judged. Our 1-2-1 sessions offer a tailored programme to meet your individual needs and personal goals no matter how big or small, without being self-conscious about others around you, no pressure! You decide the pace!

  • Do you sometimes feel that no matter how hard you try you don't go any quicker or you feel completely out of breath after 1-2 lengths in the pool? It's more than likely its not your fitness that’s holding you back, but your technique. By developing your propulsion and minimising resistance, we can help you become a more efficient swimmer and make you faster with minimal effort.


  • Even if you’ve never had formal lessons, had a previous bad experience or just want to be able to swim with the family on your next holiday, the improver sessions are for you! We will teach and guide you through the technique of swimming and at a pace that suits you. We will only progress when you feel ready to do so. SwimWell's aim is to make you a more confident swimmer who enjoy's the experience and loves being in water.


How are the sessions structured?


Each 1-2-1 session is about you and is tailored to your needs and goals. Unike group sessions we go at your pace and you can ask as many questions as you like.

Where do they take place?

You will have sole use of a swim lane at Buckley's fabulous 25m pool.

Why don't SwimWell use an Endless Pool?

Endless pools are great when you can't access a swimming pool or open water however they require the swimmer to adapt their stroke to be able to use them effectively. A far from ideal situation when you're looking to improve your stroke technique/efficiency!

How long do the sessions last?


SwimWell sessions are an hour long.

How much do the sessions cost?

SwimWell sessions cost £30 which includes the cost of the lane hire

Can I speak to someone before booking?

Of course you can! If you want any questions simply fill out the contact form at the foot of the page and we'll call you back.

How do I book?

SwimWell uses Picktime to book all our sessions. You can select the session time that suits you best  and pay securely online. As soon as we receive your booking we'll call for a chat and get started on making you a better swimmer.


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