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Swimwell Terms &      Conditions

Open Water Terms

When booking any open water session run by SwimWell (Z2H Coaching) for group of One to One Swim Sessions or Triathlon Development Academy you agree to the following T & C's

Park in the Past terms for use of PitP lake

All swimmers agree to swim entirely at their own risk and in the unlikely event of injury, accident, loss or damage suffered, regardless of however it may be caused no responsibility whatsoever shall be attached to the organisers, sponsors, or any persons involved in the

organisation of Park in the Past Open Water Swim facilities/sessions.


  • I agree to follow all rules and instructions in place at the time, and communicated by Park in the Past volunteers, organisers and personnel helping at the lake.

  • I certify that I am physically fit and I have no known medical issues that could put myself or others at risk.

  • I acknowledge all risks associated with swimming and water use at Park in the Past.

  • I am aware of the risks of Blue / Green algae which is present in all open water venues in the UK and will abide by the advice given by Park in the Past if they deem it at a level unsafe to swim/paddle.

  • I waive, release and discharge the Park in the Past directors, organisers and volunteers, and I will not make any claim against them.

  • I agree to swim at my own risk and understand the dangers associated with swimming in open water, with the potential for serious personal injury and property loss. I will make sure that I enter and exit the water at the designated point, within the times stipulated by the organisers.

  • I agree to use a tow float to assist in visualisation and safety ion the water.

  • I agree to make my donation by either donating for a single swim or an annual pass at the price applicable at the time, and to do this prior to swimming.

  • I will not swim at Park in the Past unless accompanied by a fellow swimmer, or club spotters  who will remain in visual contact at all times.


SwimWell Terms





I declare that I am a competent swimmer and that there are no medical reasons why l should not participate in the open water swim session. I agree to participate at my own risk the extent of which, I fully appreciate. l accept that no liability whatsoever will attach to the session organisers for any injury, death, loss and/or any other claim whatsoever and howsoever arising by reason of my participation in the open water swim session. I agree for my details to be held electronically for the purpose of open water sessions. SwimWell will only use this information in connection with booked sessions. All personal details will be deleted within 6 months of our last booking. Details will be shared with the British Triathlon Federation and/or their insurers or investigating authority, in the event of any incident. They will not be provided to any other organisation or used for any other purpose.

I declare that to the best of my knowledge I am not suffering from any condition which may affect my participation in the activity

Booking of the session is considered to be acceptance/confirmation of these terms.

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