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Triathlon Development academy UK

A dynamic approach to the development of youth and junior triathletes aspiring to National success

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Unlock Your Potential

Despite all the research telling us otherwise, youth and junior sport 'development remains based on the 'now.' i.e. At this age you should be at 'x' standard, with 'x' results and be thinking as an Olympian. All at a time where atheletes are going through puberty, developing at different rates, subjected to the pressures of exams and hormones are wildly at play. And that's the problem! Over the last 10 years we have witnessed so many athletes drop out from the sport through not hitting the mark for their age group, not coping with the pressure of NGB academies or being discarded for a blip in performance. The Triathlon Development Academy (TDA) is different in so many ways.

What TDA is About

The Triathlon Development Academy's target audience is 2nd yearT3 (age 13/14), Youth and Junior athletes who have made triathlon their chosen sport. TDA's aims are to nuture and develop athletes to be the very best they can, providing unrivaled coaching support and guidance to both the athlete and parents.

To be a TDA Athlete

First and foremost  you need to identify as a triathlete as opposed to a swimmer/runner etc who supplements their preferred sport with triathlons. This reflects TDA's time and commitment to you. Secondly, you will need to be able to show that you have potential which we can help bring to the fore. Thirdly, and most importantly, desire, commitment and motivation to be your best. Ultimately the person who decides how well you do is you!

The TDA Parent

The most important support mechanism of any athlete.  TDA will be on hand to answer your questions, provide understanding of the athletes changing needs as they pass through developmental transitions and help you to support your athlete. All we ask of athletes/parents is to be open to potentially different ways of thinking regarding traning, goals and types of support.

What Does TDA Provide?


  • Coach Support/Training overview - Goal setting, establishing/ongoing review of training plans

  • An any time point of contact for questions etc.

  • Education/guidance - Principles of training, biomechanics, physiological and psychological influences, nutrition, recovery

  • Pre/post race preparation technical/tactical advice/guidance

  • TDA Training sessions - Swim/Run, Run/Bike, Open Water etc through out the year (minimum 1 per month)

  • Swim/Run/Bike technique analysis and solutions

  • Bike fit and cleat set up

  • Bike maintenance - general and resolving mid race issues



  • Education/guidance to better understand the athlete

  • Race day guidance

  • Technical advice

  • General go to when you don't know the answer!

Athlete Requirements
  • You identify as a triathlete

  • Desire, motivation and commitment to succeed

  • Performance standards - Athletes who meet current academy standards are of course welcome however we appreciate popcorn does NOT all pop at the same time so standards are loosely based. Any applicants will be considered on case by case scenario so please do get in touch if performance is not quite there. We ALSO consider the athlete's motivation to improve and attitudes to training and racing. As a guide, TDA standards for T3 upwards are:


      Swim: 200m 2min 45secs (T3) and/or 400m 5mins 45 Secs (Youth/Junior)

      Run: 1500m 6 mins

      Bike: 10 x Fig 8 Dustbin test 3min 30secs (not essential)


      Swim: 200m 2min 25 secs (T3) and/or 400m 5min 30secs (Youth/Junior)

      Run: 1500m 5 min 45secs

      Bike: 10 x Fig 8 Dustbin test 3min 15secs (not essential)

  • Able to attend 75% plus of all TDA activities

  • Maintain a training diary via Garmin Connect or similar

  • You do not curently have a coach overseeing your triathlon training. It must be stressed that for ethical coaching practice, those who already have a personal triathlon coach should already have access to his service. TDA is designed for those who currently do NOT have access to a triathlon coach who can coach 121.


How to Apply

The equivalant commercial cost of providing TDA's services are significant however there is no charge except where hire charges are incurred for facility hire (pool, track etc). As TDA is an off shoot of Cadence Tri athletes will be expected to be fully paid up members of the club (£15 p/a) and to race in club clothing except in national races e.g. Super Series, IRC.

If you think TDA is for you drop us a line and we can run through the details with you. and. Similarly if  you want more details please just get in touch and we'll gladly help. Email:

Athletes can join at any time during the year but numbers are strictly limited. Presently all 6 spaces are full however please do not let this prevent you from getting in contact.

About TDA

TDA is run by Christine White BSC (Hons) Sport Fitness & Coaching L3  Tri Coach, L2 Bike & Swim, assisted by Kate McDougall L2 Tri Coach and Mark White BSC (Hons) Sport Fitness & Coaching, Triathlon Activator, BikeFit®

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